Dripping With Artsy, 2016

Acrylic paint and ArtResin® on board, spray foam, paint cans

Sarah McGraw seeks to engage and deceive the viewer in a humorous artistic pursuit, which both literally mocks painting while also being intensely representative of the process and physical properties of paint itself. In deceiving the viewer through the manipulation of materials creating the illusion of motion and form, she is able to define the physical space as both subject and environment. The aesthetic is both pretentious and self-conscious in its artistic pursuit to grab the attention of the viewer. McGraw escalates the illusion by furthering the paintings existence and interaction with three-dimensional space by the inclusion of physical objects that tease reality. The motionless motion created by the painted drips is suggestive of the dichotomy that is seemingly ever-present in the life of the artist herself.

Drip Series: 1, 2017

Drip Series: 2, 2017

Drip Series: 3, 2017